Team Chalmers


Daniel Chalmers

Danny Chalmers passionately pursues the presence of Jesus and has one goal in life: to love like Jesus. With a background in acting, Danny loves the creative brilliance of God. After serving for years at Church in the Son by loving fatherless and special needs children, taking men through inner healing and deliverance, and preaching the gospel on the streets, God sent Danny to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. There, Danny served and lead in the healing rooms and developed a passion for Jesus to get His full reward.  Danny wants to  shout from the rooftops the goodness of His Heavenly Daddy and see people completely healed - spirit, soul and body. Just as Jesus was the exact representation of the Father, Danny lives to embody the heart of His perfect Father in heaven. He is on staff at Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham. Danny functions strongly in the prophetic, miracles, signs and wonders. His highest priority is to love God with all his being, adore his family and then overflow into ministry. 

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt only love.

-Mother Theresa

Shara Chalmers

Shara Lea Chalmers has vowed her life to love Jesus the way He deserves & be as close to Him as humanly possible, while loving others with nothing less than the very love of the Father. She loves preaching on passion for Jesus and has ministered in over 35 nations. Since 2001, Shara has served as a spiritual daughter in many global movements: She worked for Mike Bickle at IHOP-KC, traveled with the late prophetess Jill Austin, ran with Papa Lou Engle with The Call, was Heidi Baker’s personal assistant for five years, served on staff at Bethel TV for eight years, serves on Cindy Jacob’s GPC roundtable, and currently leads media at her home church in Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham. She is also the Producer, Director and Writer for Iris Global Film's first feature length documentary "Compelled by Love.”  Just like Mel Gibson produced “The Passion,” The Chalmers burn to make movies that take people into an encounter with the heart of their Heavenly Father.  See her Film History.

Shara helped write Compelled by Love with Heidi Baker and is also featured on the film "Finger of God” and “Hope Has a Name.” She is so thankful to be married to the love of her life, Daniel Chalmers, with two perfect daughters in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She wants to love Jesus so lavishly that she takes an ocean of people home to heaven – so that the Lamb might receive the just reward of His sufferings. 

Our Vision & Passion


We believe when we die and go to Heaven, God will only ask us ONE question.

Did you learn to love?...

The Father  is looking for friends - not servants. His eyes search to and fro the surfaces of the world searching for a heart which is perfectly His.  We can only love if we are first loved, so it begins with encountering Our Heavenly Father. We owe the world an encounter with Love Himself.

Like Jesus, we have only one aim and goal.  Our job is to love.  Our mission is passion and compassion; to love God and to love our neighbor. The calling is to love.


Love Wins is about drawing the world into a living, tangible, life-changing encounter with The Person of Love.

The vision of Love Wins Ministries is to provide resources that plead the cause for the poor, needy and marginalized people of the world and provide a voice for the voiceless. Our messages are focused on stories of redemption, hope and forgiveness with the purpose of calling people to action to help those in their own communities and in the world.


Our Spiritual Covering


Rolland and Heidi Baker


Che and Sue Ann

Harvest International Ministry

Cindy McCoy

Prophetic Intercessor.


Chester and Betsy Kylstra


June Parks

Board Member


Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham

Our Home Church

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